Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You've Got to Hide Your Time Away

Hiding Time
Sometimes, You’ve Got to
Hide Your Time Away 

I wish it were possible to go an entire day without noting the time, but a 30-minute stretch is a beginning.

Time, time, time. Do I have enough time? What time is it? Where did the time go? Will I be on time? What’s the time? Where is the time? Will you bide your time? Ain’t nobody got time.
Yeah, yeah, we’ve each got the same 24 hours each day. We’re admonished to use it or lose it. Used time and lost time.
Time is everywhere. From where I sit, I see it in three places: my monitor, my phone, and my wrist. Too often it rules me, as it does everyone. My first waking moment has me peering at the clock across my room. What time is it? It it time to get up? If it’s not the right time, then do I have time to go back to sleep?
However, when time starting ruling my exercise, I knew it was time to add an additional move to my routine. I know my workout takes about 30 minutes of time. But rather than just exercise, I found myself glancing at the time. What time is it? Do I really have the time to exercise today? What time will I be done? Will that be in time to write, to work, to start my day at a reasonable time? How much more time do I have to sweat and lift and stretch and work those abdominals until I’m done this time?
I knew I had time to work out. I also knew from the stage of the routine about how much time remained. Nonetheless, I continued to check the time, until I decided to hide the time.
It’s not a complicated move; I slid the Hungarian tapestry from the top of the clock to cover the numbers. Each day before I start exercising, I slide the tapestry down to hide my time. For these 30 minutes each day, I use my time, not question my time nor bide my time. It was necessary, but helpful, to just hide the time.

                                               * * * * *

In what ways can I/we take the time to hide our time away?

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