Friday, July 26, 2013

Flinging Fritillary, Funk, Fungus, and Frogs

Flappy Friday Foibles
Flinging Fritillary,
Funk, Fungus, and Frogs

Flubs, Funnies, and Flailing Through the Week
. . . and Flowers

Friday, oh Friday! Fritillary, fungus, frogs, and flowers. Friday in Florida is funky because folks in the Central and South areas of the state are feeling the effects of little sun, too much rain, and fungus taking over our flowers and other flora. Flappy Friday has arrived and I’m ready to note the previous week’s flappiness. Fortunately, I didn’t flap far or frequently this past week.

Fritillary caterpillars are feasting on my passionflowers. They stripped one and are focused on stripping another. My anti-Fritillary move is to use this dandelion-digging tool to fling them far away. It’s a fine maneuver, but the next time I fling a caterpillar onto my shin, I will not mindlessly flap and smash the caterpillar/my shin using said tool.

Frogs, oh frogs! These guys play acrobat on my patio all night long. I’m grateful for their feasting on various bug life, but I wish they were less flappy and didn’t break so many plants.

Fungus is thriving in Florida’s high humidity and tropical rains. I’m taking a laissez-faire approach toward the algae creeping across the patio. It’s a rather appealing shade of green. The zinnias thrive in spite of their spotted leaves, which are easily trimmed for indoor bouquets. The basil is only a few inches tall and the mold is chasing its leaves. Fortunately, the cilantro remains green.

Fritillary flicking my shin isn’t quite enough to fulfill my commitment to sharing flappiness for the week. Fortunately, I have an example from an earlier week. Just because something fits into the washing machine doesn’t necessarily mean it is washable. This once-fine rug was flung—into the trash.

Friday flowers again ease the funk of this week’s foul weather and isolated bouts of flappiness. Here’s to another week of not knocking over the vase.


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