Monday, July 15, 2013

Mind-Less Monday and Ruby-Eyed Frogs

Just Notice
A Ruby-Eyed Frog
Beckons Me
On Mind-Less Monday

On this Mind-Less Monday, I want to mind less that I’m sick and almost every word springing forth from the keyboard must be retyped to fix the misspelling, the typo, the frenzied phrases that spill forth. I write to quench my yearning to do something other than sit in bed, tissues, honeyed hot tea, Cold-Eeze, and a pile of books at my side.
When I ventured outside to look at what’s blooming today, I noted with dismay that the magnolia blossom lasted only three days before its white waves turned brown and despairing. On closer inspection, an unexpected jewel caught my eye. The ruby-eyed frog perched inside the brown curtains looked back at me, and I reminded myself to notice, to mind less that the once-snowy flower is now brown, to pause and find the precious gem perched upon the bloom’s withering glory.
Continuing to mind less that my weekend was spent inside, away from my loved garden, missing friends, family, activities, my eyes were brought to the lavender swirl of the first calla lily to open its face to greet mine.

I am reminded once again that by focusing on what I don’t have—a snow-white magnolia, a weekend being well—I miss what is in front of me—a ruby-eyed frog and a calla lily stretching its arms to show me its amethyst finery.

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