Friday, July 19, 2013

Fabulous Flubs of the Week

Flappy Friday Foibles
Flubs, Funnies, and Flailing Through the Week
. . . and Flowers

Friday, oh Friday. Some weeks you come too soon. Others, not quite soon enough. Flappy Friday is today, being a day in which I note the previous week’s flappiness. Flappiness? Yes, indeed. Flappiness is part of my persona. Loosely defined, to flap means to flutter ineffectively; to beat or pulsate wings or something suggesting wings (that would be my arms, sometimes my legs, and far too often, my brain), to wobble, come undone, or dither.
I don’t know if it’s simply a part of who I am, or if I just flap as a result of not paying attention to my environment, or if I don’t pause long enough to calm those fluttering wings and focus what I’m doing. I know that part of my flappiness stems from my excitement about doing something and not thinking about my next flap, err, step.
Flapping right through the past week . . .

Nachos. I love nachos. What nachos would be complete without salsa? It is, however, important to make certain distinctions just before eating said nachos. For example, reading jar labels helps when eating nachos versus eating pasta. I failed to make that distinction earlier this week. Scraping pasta sauce off nachos can be done.
Why jarred salsa and pasta sauce? I prefer to make my own, but I was sick earlier this week, which brings me to Monday’s flap. I was in bed and not feeling at the top of my game. At such times, it’s important to carefully reach for the Post-it note to mark an important passage in a book. I neglected to do so and spilled an entire cup of coffee with dark chocolate almond milk. Following a brisk cleaning session on my hands and knees, I realized if I had that much energy I was well enough to go to work, which I did.

Fish on Friday takes on a whole new meaning when Friday is fertilizing day. Flappiness rears its head in fine form when I fertilize. Careful as I am, I rarely avoid smelling like I just stepped off a boat after a week of commercial fishing.

Friday flowers ease the funk of the week’s flappiness. Today, I reminded myself to cut some and bring them inside. Now I must pay attention so I don’t knock over the vase.

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