Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Hand of the Universe Smacks Me Upside the Head

I Didn't Have Time to Practice
Compassion and Loving Kindness

Or So I Thought . . .
Kitchen Sink Wisdom

Not Today's Mess, But Close

Up to my elbows in soapy water, I was annoyed. So annoyed with myself, and frustrated. Last night, I watched the documentary Happy and first thing today I wanted to do a compassion and loving kindness meditation.
Instead, I spent my meditation time talking on the phone and cleaning the kitchen that I left a mess last night. In addition, I created more mess this morning putting together the bread dough that was rising on the counter. Measuring cups, spoons, flour, last night’s baking pans, the pastry brush stiff with butter that had cooled overnight . . . each of them cried, Wash me!” So I did.
I swabbed the sink, looked at the clock, and realized I didn’t have enough time to practice compassion and loving kindness—not today.
Just then the giant hand of the universe reached out, gave me a little shake and a gentle smack upside the head, and commanded, “Snap out of it! What are you thinking?”
I reviewed my morning. My daughter is grieving because a loved friend and former co-worker died yesterday. Our phone time was spent talking about what she loved about him, how much she’ll miss him, and just how sad she felt. She had some time to reflect and share before she stepped into her busy workday.
That mess in the kitchen? Later today, I’ll attend a service for my friend’s father, who passed away Thursday. I baked bread to take to the family home following the service. This morning, I decided to bake yet another loaf.
My heart was heavy still, thinking about life, meaning, family, friends. But my ears and hands had been busy. . . busy practicing compassion and loving kindness. I realized didn’t need to meditate. I already had.

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