Friday, February 18, 2011

Seven Reasons to Hire an Older Woman

By Christine Clark

      Job applications and resumes need a place to include the following attributes of women of a certain age:

1.     She will not distract the hot, young single men in the workplace.
2.     She will not have childcare issues. Her kids are grown and although some of them might need babysitters for their own children, that is not her problem.
3.     No maternity leave.
4.     She will not come into work bleary-eyed and exhausted after partying all night.
5.     She is probably post-menopause, so she will not turn into an angry, sad, weeping, laughing, eat-everything-in-sight psycho one week out of every month.
6.     She likes going to work to get away from the teenagers and young adults who have taken her home hostage with video games and computers and an app for that and everything else.
7.     She has experience with people, especially if she has had children. Her job skills include, but are not limited to: nurse, doctor, psychoanalyst, chauffeur, nutritionist, teacher, mediator, life coach, chef, organization expert, police officer, and spy.

Are you older and wiser? What attributes of yours would you like to highlight for prospective employers?

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  1. Yes, I'm with ya, sister! You know I'd hire you in a minute.