Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Remember to Stop and Pick the Flowers

By Christine Clark

       Snow-battered friends and family in New England do not want to hear this, but spring has arrived in My Sister’s Garden. It is not full-blown, pollen on everything, masses of blooms bursting into view spring, but spring, nonetheless. As I looked at the flowers near my front walkway, I nudged myself once again, to stop, pick some flowers, and bring them inside. I often forget and only see those flowers when I step outside.
I am self-employed, so most of my hours are spent inside the house and my office window doesn’t provide much of a view. This morning, I decided it is time to bring the beauty inside and told myself that I need to stop and pick the flowers.
Arranging flowers does not have to be intimidating. Often, simple arrangements are best. I placed the flowers I cut this morning into antique bottles I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show ( in Massachusetts several years ago. Costing only between 10 and 25 cents each, the bottles were inexpensive, yet they provide a unique vase for small flowers and look lovely when grouped together. Diamond Frost euphorbia, lobelia, and yellow daisies make up the arrangement in each bottle.
Remember to stop and pick the flowers and bring some inside. Small pockets of beauty in our lives add value to every day and everything we do.

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