Monday, June 19, 2017

Lean Into the Lego Tower of Life

The Leaning Tower of Lego(s)
And Life
Far too often, my life feels like a precarious Lego tower. (I don’t believe I’m alone in this.) I add blocks, I subtract blocks, I ignore blocks. As I do, my Lego tower—life—becomes more and more unstable. I once yearned for a perfect balance, one in which I exercise, pray, mediate, study, eat well, work well, everything in its place, predictable. Considering the concept of balance in more detail, I realize that balance is not what I want. A balanced life means a state of nonmovement, of being static, in one place. I don’t believe I would thrive in a boring, balanced life.
Therefore, my tower changes from day to day. I simply must watch the foundation and be aware of just how much I add to my tower or subtract from it. This one life, like the Lego tower, can hold only so much. Rather than striving for balance, I think the best choice of action is to learn to lean. Life (and Legos) will be precarious at times. Neither adding nor subtracting too much and leaning prevent many tumbles. If I do tumble, I still have a foundation, and I can build again. I don’t intend to fall, but if I do, I can get back up.

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