Friday, January 1, 2016

Failure Occurs Without Effort--Without Resolve

Failure Might Occur
It Will If You Don’t Even Try
Go ahead. Do it. You know you want to make New Year’s resolutions. Ah, but you hesitate because you’ve been led to believe that you will set yourself up for failure. You’ve been led to believe that sweeping changes aren’t possible. You remember those other resolutions that ended in the first hours, days, or weeks of previous new years. Failure might occur, but it definitely occurs if one doesn’t even try. Even a day or an hour spent at something positive is more than zero time.
Resolutions in hand or not—it is a new year. This first day, we approach a not-yet-filled slate of days, weeks, and months. It’s fresh; it holds possibilities, dreams, hopes.
It’s a fine thing to pin your heart, your thoughts, and actions to the possibilities that await you.
It’s a fine thing to pin your heart to the dreams you want to fulfill. It’s a fine thing to think about and decide what you want.
To make possibilities and dreams a reality, you must take action. Resolve leads to resolutions and then to action. It’s a fine thing to make some resolutions.

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