Monday, March 23, 2015

Wounded By Loss? How Can I Help?

Are You Wounded By Loss?
How Can I Serve You and Help You Heal?

What will this coming week look like? What might be some small habits to move me in the direction of serving those who need me?
For almost twenty-four hours, I pondered these questions from my life coach. “Serving those who need” me most often relates to my family: What can I do for ________? When I consider others who might need me, I picture a map of the United States covered with people figures—fewer in areas of less-dense population, but hordes in the cities, people with shoulders touching shoulders and stacked atop each other. As I study them, I ask: Who needs me? I come up empty because I don’t know those people. I don’t know their needs.
I imagine most of them—if they’ve lived any amount of time—have experienced loss, disappointment, frustration, and failure because they’re human and because that’s part of the human condition.
Most of them—if they’ve lived any amount of time—also have experienced love, joy, contentment, and fulfillment because these things, too, are part of the human condition. Such feelings make us grateful to be alive.
I don’t know those people on the map, but I do know several others for whom my words have held the hope of healing from loss. I have shown them that it’s possible to once again feel profound joy in spite of crushing blows to their spirits.
It’s those people I ask now: How can I best serve you or those you love? In what ways are you wounded from loss? How can I help you walk a path toward healing and hope? How can I point the way toward experiencing joy?
It is my sincerest desire to continue my work of healing hearts and making the joy of life visible and tangible—even if you have felt heartbreaking loss.
Please contact me at and let me know how I can serve you. Specific suggestions are welcomed. If you prefer to speak with me, please send an e-mail and I will give you a phone number. Thank you.
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I highly recommend Jim Trick as a life coach. He can be reached at or by e-mail:

Note: If you prefer that your correspondence remain confidential, please let me know in your e-mail.

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