Friday, March 6, 2015

That Voice That Says "Nobody Cares"? Silence It!

Hey Shawn! I Care!
That Voice That Says “Nobody Cares”?
Tell It to Hush Up!
“Nobody cares, Shawn.” The words rang in my head while I was thinking about a story idea, something I wanted to write. I don’t know who Shawn is, but I recognize quite well the voice that says, “Be quiet. Nobody cares about what you have to say.”
Each of us has a version of that voice (I call mine Snappy)—the one that itemizes every mistake, the one that mocks us when we begin a diet, exercise, or any self-improvement program. It’s the voice that cuts us off when we open our mouths or put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to speak about something that moves us, inspires us, touches us, perhaps even angers us. It’s the voice that gives a derisive laugh when we pick up a pencil, a paintbrush, or a handful of clay.
“Nobody cares.”
I ignored the voice and wrote my story. As it turned out, many people cared. My words touched hearts and encouraged and validated people. They let me know that, indeed, they cared.
Today—and every day—if that self-defeating, art-defeating, life-defeating voice stops you, do as I did: Ignore it and carry on because somebody does care.

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