Friday, February 27, 2015

Break Out of Your "Chrysalis" and Take Flight

Leave Your Empty,
No-Longer Useful Chrysalis
I studied the jeweled chrysalis, checking daily for changes in color, transparency. I missed the moments when the monarch broke through, but early yesterday, I spied the monarch flexing its wings. “Welcome to the world magnificent monarch! I see you spreading, plumping, your wings in preparation to soar into a world of flower nectar and delight.”
Now only a remnant of the monarch’s transformation phase, the chrysalis hangs broken and empty, like a discarded plastic bag, necessary at one time, but no longer needed.
What must you leave behind (empty, no-longer-useful chrysalis) to spread your wings and fly?
How will you spread your wings? Where can you find and taste life’s nectar?
Spreading your wings, taking flight can be done in many ways:

·      Heal a relationship.
·      Create something.
·      Spend time in the natural world.
·      Play in the dirt; play in the surf.
·      Practice faith.
·      Explore different cultures.
·      Walk, drive, ride . . . with no destination.
·      Read a book.
·      Write a book.
·      Eat a guanabana, dragon fruit, or escargot.
·      Speak up.
·      Listen.
·      Say I love you.

I find inspiration and ways to discard my chrysalis in many places: nature, books, conversation, contemplation. Several sources of inspiration come to me daily via e-mail in the form of blogs and newsletters. Some of my favorites are:

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