Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nothing Says I Love You Like Saying I Love You

Blueberry Morning Doesn’t Quite
Say “I Love You”
Love Is More Than A Box of Cereal
My ex-husband used to say that he figured I still liked him if he looked in the kitchen cabinet and saw a new box of Blueberry Morning cereal. I thought it was fitting. At that time of my life, I believed love is a verb, that doing was loving. I still believe that love is a verb, but now I also believe that it’s important to use that word—love—as a verb in speech.
Telling someone I care is just as important as having their favorite food in the pantry, the laundry folded, and dinner on the table. Telling someone I care often means more than a favor granted, a wish fulfilled. We are people of words, spoken words, not just people of action. Cereal feeds the body, but terms of endearment feed the heart and soul.
It’s important to provide both types of sustenance.

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