Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Buttinski: Oh, How You Make Me Laugh!

Best Buttinski of My Workday
Giggling Through Interruptions

Buttinski. What a great word! A noun, it means someone who butts in or someone who is a troublemaker, perhaps someone who interferes. The self-employed, work-at-home-alone life gets dull at times. To stifle my often-present urge to break up the workday, I spend far too much time online. It’s the biggest buttinski of my day.
I use a wonderful program called Freedom to keep me offline.
During those offline hours, because I’m an editor, I still must look up words but without the benefit of the quick search. I keep my dog-eared, much-thumbed, dust-jacket-torn Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary at my side and use it often. While searching for a term, part of the fun of words, and especially the words in my Webster’s, is spying those I don’t know. More fun is when a word surprises me. Buttinski is such a word. I marked its entry with a Post-it and whenever my fingers touch that page, I stop and giggle aloud during my momentary distraction. It is the best buttinski of my day.

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