Monday, August 12, 2013

Silence the Voices of Oppression

Mind-Less Monday
Silencing the Voices of Oppression

On this Mind-Less Monday, I’m trying to mind less those voices from the past that creep into my consciousness and wound me anew.
There I was, thinking along, happy thoughts, and damn, the voice of the oppressor (I call my personal oppressor Snappy) broke into my reverie. “Not so fast, happy thoughts! Don’t you remember when this happened? Don’t you remember when that happened? And, really, what about when _______ said that (mean, soul-crushing remark)? And if you say that (wholesome expression of joy), what if ­­­­_______ says the more of the same (additional mean, soul-crushing remarks) ­­­­­­to let you know that really you are not so much, not so valued, not so cherished? Just silence all that joyful noise and dwell in the past.”
Burst balloon. Dark cloud. Rain on the parade. Black days of depression. All the clichéd harbingers of doom marched right into my psyche, destroying every sense of peace, calm, gratitude.
That’s what Snappy does, and he’s a pro. I believe each of us has our own Snappy, except for the few who have achieved total self-actualization. Because I had gone from joy to despair so quickly, in just moments of thought, I recognized Snappy. Whoa! He’s at it again, I realized. And although I listened for a few moments, I was mindful of the rapid progression from joy-filled thoughts to hang-dog dejection. The sun went down and clouds blocked the blue sky. I caught him in his soul-destroying game. And I put a halt to it.
The most important thing I can do on this Mind-Less Monday is to mind less what Snappy says—much less. I can’t predict when Snappy will start yapping at my psyche, none of us can. But I can be aware of when I feel him nipping at my heels. In that moment, I can chase him away, I can return to the sunlight, golden sands, and blue ocean water of my reverie. I can mind less the past, I can mind more the future. I can be free of Snappy this Mind-Less Monday and every day.

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