Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pots? The Law of Attraction Brought Me Pots?

Flowerpots—Brought to Me By
the Law of Attraction

Letting People Know What You Love
Brings More of That Love to You

I say, "Thank You" to my neighbor and
to the Law of Attraction
I didn’t know I wanted the three huge vintage-looking flowerpots my neighbor gave me on Monday. All I knew was that he startled me when I was “in the zone” gardening and up to my knees in dirt and compost. After my surprise, he asked if I wanted the pots. Of course, first I said yes and then I trotted across the street to decide where I’d put them before he and my son schlepped them to our yard.
My neighbor must have known I would want them. How did he know I wanted those pots? He knew because of the law of attraction. My yard isn’t the most tidy and the lawn/grass/weeds often go weeks before getting a good trim, but he sees me outside. He sees me digging, pruning, weeding, watering. He sees me planting. He sees the flowers in the ground and in pots. He and other people on the street see the flowers, in spite of the distraction of the less-than-pristine lawn. It’s obvious that I love flowers. When he noted his long-empty pots, it occurred to him to ask me if I wanted them.

Lady Margaret passionflower no longer in need of a pot
What he didn’t know was that weeks earlier, I had purchased a Lady Margaret passionflower and the day before, I finally bought a trellis on which to grow it. All I needed was a place to plant it. My property has few trees in the west-facing front and it gets blazing hot in the summer with no shade to cool the sun’s fire. I’ve seen full-sun-recommended plants sizzle, so I know even if full sun is advised, it often fries and dries what I plant in it.
I wanted the passionflower in the front, but I didn’t know if it would survive the summer heat. To plant or not to plant was the question. When I saw the flowerpots, I had my answer: “Yes, to plant, and in this pot.” If the sun is too hot, the pot simply must be moved. Because it weighs about 100 pounds, I don’t even have to do that: One has sons for that sort of task.
I am certain the law of attraction brought me those pots. The law of attraction happens when I, you, we let our love and desires be known, even if we aren’t certain of those exact desires. By demonstrating my love for flowers, for gardening, I attract those flowers to me. I attract butterflies and scent and beauty. My love for growing things has brought me treasures from other people’s gardens—irises, crinum lilies, Amaryllis, palm trees, aloe—all gifts because people know I love and care for them. I have even revived a few pitiful, distressed orchids given to me because I’ve been vocal about my orchid love.
That Law of Attraction works for you, too. What do you love? What do you want more of in your life? Attract it!

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