Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Choose Life--While Driving

Right to Life
Choosing Life While Driving

“Choose Life” announces the Florida specialty license plate. I see it when I can get out of the way and let the road-rage-filled driver pass me. I just spent desperate minutes wondering when I would be rear-ended and have a crushed vehicle, whiplash, or worse. So I’m relieved when “Choose Life” and the vehicle it marks fade in the distance as the driver races toward his or her destination. I’m safe for the moment and still have my life intact.
Vehicles—note the plural, it’s been more than one, two, or even three—with Choose Life plates have tailgated me, then passed me at high, unsafe speeds, sometimes in residential areas, and sometimes in no-passing zones. When I read the blur of the plate’s admonition as it speeds on its way, each time I’m stunned at the audacity of the message in view of the driver’s actions. Choose Life? Isn’t my life important?
I’m not in the womb and haven’t been for 60 years and some months, so I made it out alive. On the roads of our nation, it’s a gamble whether I’ll make it to my destination alive.
It’s a sorry example to advocate choosing life and then endanger the lives of others by choosing to break even the most basic safety rules, never mind the most egregious.
When I get behind the wheel of my car, I choose life for myself and the people with whom I share the road. If those drivers who want me to Choose Life would extend me and everyone on the road the same consideration, I’d be ever so grateful.

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