Tuesday, December 4, 2012

True Grit

The Grit of Life

On a day I wanted to focus on dirt, touch it, move it, press it into shape around seedlings, and separate it from weeds, I’m not.
Life and work have kept me occupied and out of the dirt for months. I’ve missed it so much that I’ve gardened in my dreams.
Flexibility, however, is my watchword today because it’s a free day. No work is scheduled and my visiting daughter flies away home to Massachusetts this evening, so the precious remaining hours of her trip will be spent with her.
Life is so much richer when having shared loves. She and I have the love of the ocean, the sand, and the sun to extend and further cement our bond. Today’s treasure is that we’re a few short feet away from waves breaking and leaving wisps of foam on the shore.
Cooling breezes brush my bare shoulders, tempering the heat of the sun. Blue skies hold only the smallest hint of clouds on the western horizon. Soft baritone echoes of waves calm and soothe our psyches. The warmth, the salt scent, the sea—my son and daughter resting on the sands beside me—it’s not the grit of dirt I craved earlier this day; instead I’m rewarded with the grit of life and love.

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