Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disingenuous John [Edwards]

Disingenuous John [Edwards] Didn't Fool Me 

Some people were surprised when John Edwards and his mistress were outed by The National Enquirer a few years ago. Not me. In early 2008, I had a tug-of-war in my mind whether to vote for Edwards or Obama in the Massachusetts primary. I volunteered at the debates in New Hampshire, so I had the opportunity to hear all the Democrat candidates and at the same time study their style, to see just who had grace under pressure. I also researched the candidates and their positions on issues that mattered to me.
One glaring fact about Edwards jumped out at me: His house was 28,200 square feet! That’s more than 14,000 times the square footage of my house! (At 1800 square feet, my space is more than ample.) I decided that anyone who had a home that huge was out of touch with me and certainly almost every voter in the United States, Democrat or not. My vote went to Barack Obama.
A few years later, finding out about Edwards and his unwholesome (to put it mildly) activities, I was relieved that he didn’t get my vote. He was so much more than out of touch: His obvious belief of his personal entitlement extended beyond living space and into living arrangements. What a disappointment for those Americans who were fooled by him. I am happy I wasn’t one of them.

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