Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mindfulness, Gratitude, Beauty

Reflections on a New England Summer Morning
Benefits of Paying Attention
Day lilies always remind me of the Sermon on the Mount
when Jesus tells us not to worry about what we will wear and
says, "See the lilies of the field..."
Mindfulness, gratitude, and beauty… when I pay attention, I reap the benefits of all three. Beauty exists in abundance in my New England garden. This morning, I took a few minutes to pay attention, to stop and listen to the hummingbirds buzz as they approached the feeder. I traipsed through the dew-saturated grass and took photos of some favorite flowers. I am blessed with such beauty and abundance. Life is good. God is good. Flowers, bugs, and birds make me smile. I am grateful.

For years and years, I drove down Clematis Street in
West Palm Beach, Florida, not knowing,
not ever having seen--the spectacular Clematis flower.

Sweet indeed, sweet peas...
Gloriosa daisies--and glorious they are!
Yellow coneflower gets almost six feet tall.
Bright yellow spiders often perch on its petals.
Bellflowers and sweet peas
Alyssum self-sows and sprouts among the bricks on the walkway to the door.

What will you see on your journey into the world today?
Carry mindfulness, beauty, and gratitude, and life will surprise you with the bounty available to each of us, if we simply notice.

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