Friday, August 29, 2014

No More Stand-Up, Sit-Down Bathroom Dance

The Button
No More Stand Up, Sit Down, Wave My Arms
Thank goodness for the button. I’ve been on a road trip to and from Massachusetts. Heading north was a challenge. A drive that usually takes two days took three. Heading homeward to Florida was a breeze compared to the trip north: It took two days only and we made fun stops at South of the Border and Smith’s Exxon in South Carolina.
Five days on the road meant many visits to gas station and rest stop bathrooms. Adding this trip to the scores I've taken from Massachusetts to Florida and back (with three children in tow), I think I've been in every rest stop bathroom at least once.
A few years ago, I bemoaned the fact that the automatic flush doesn’t always work. I related how I would stand up, sit down, wave my arms, and walk to and from the door—not easy in the space of a stall—to get the light sensor to work. My hilarious experience is noted in an earlier blog post. Thanks to my eldest daughter’s question, of “Why don’t you use the button?” I now know there is a “button.” No more stand up, sit down, wave my arms, dance around the stall. I used that button several times during this last road trip. On reflection, I probably could have used the exercise after all those hours in the car.

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