Monday, May 5, 2014

Cracked Grace: Virtue Isn't Boring

Cracked Grace
“Virtue Isn’t Boring”
“Virtue isn’t boring; it’s essential.” Always, on, always aware, and with thousands of Bread and Circuses vying for our attention, judgment, and dismay, the virtual is often leagues beyond virtuous. It’s often difficult to find the path to what’s honest, true, and satisfying in a calm, comfortable environment.
That environment is free from shrieking voices, lewd photos, videos, and ever-attention-grabbing muck that calls with the siren song of just one more click, just one more photo, a few more coarse words, just one more bit of gossip, anger, and chaos. That gossip, anger, and chaos pull us away from the quiet side of virtue held in a baby’s laugh, a sunrise, an embrace between friends.
Stepping away from the siren call of stuff, sensation, and oversaturation, we find that virtue is the sweet aroma of a rose floating across our psyche, a touch, a meal shared among loved ones, a dance into the imagination of a garden, a symphony, a sand-swept shore.
Virtue. Seek it, embrace it, live the truly good life.

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