Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cracked Grace: Reckless with the Abundance

Cracked Grace
Awakening to Gifts 
One, two, three, four—gifts of the day—so far.
Still sleepy, not quite energized after spending yesterday in bed nursing a stomach bug, my pace was slow as I headed to the end of the driveway. Yesterday’s and today’s newspapers sat in a pile. The mail also needed fetching after sitting in the cold, black box through the afternoon and evening while I rested my illness-weary self.
Perhaps it was the scent that awakened my senses and lured my eyes toward the gardenia bush, where I spied four early-season blooms.
One . . .

Two . . .

Three . . .

Four . . .

“Gifts! Such beautiful gifts to begin my day!”
Reckless with the abundance (and first checking for buds that will bloom soon), I snipped them all and brought them inside where the scent, the white petals against the green and blue, and my gifts will continue to bless me.

Where will you find your gifts today?

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