Thursday, December 5, 2013

Got Swiss Cheese Holes in Your Heart?

Cracked Grace
Swiss Cheese Holes in My Heart

“Plants,” they said.
“Fill your home with plants to clean the air.”

Aching to cure our child’s cancer,
We followed a strict diet regimen, changed our lifestyles,
And filled our home with plants.

No cure. Not with diets, plants, lifestyle changes
And surgery, radiation, and chemo.

I bought a Swiss Cheese Philodendron
At that time.
When I see it growing healthy and green,
I’m sometimes reminded of loss, of sorrow,
Of the Swiss Cheese Holes in my heart
Since the death of my child.

Other times, I’m reminded that throughout these years of loss,
I’ve begun to thrive in other ways I never imagined,
Sharing with others and holding them up when they, too,
Have Swiss Cheese Holes in their hearts.

I’m also reminded that I love Swiss Cheese
And that even in the worst of times,
I can make a sandwich from those
Swiss Cheese Holes in my heart.

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