Friday, September 27, 2013

Flip-Flop and Fine Washable Fail!

Flappy Friday Foibles
Flip-Flops and Fine-Washables Fail,
Flubs, Funnies, and Flailing Through the Week
. . . and Flowers

Friday, oh Friday! Flip-flops, fine-washables, and flowers. This Florida Friday finds me wishing for an end to the fungus wars in my yard. I’d also like to banish the funk we feel from too little sunshine. But clouds and daily rain mean the funk and fungus continue. In addition to fungus and funk, I can count on muddy footprints and crusty shoes inside most days. Puddles stay filled from the daily deluge and shoes don’t always get wiped before treading on the floors and carpets.
Weary of the mud, sand, and gunk on the carpets and floors, I decided to stop wearing shoes inside. I bought several pairs of Old Navy’s fabulous frugal flip-flops in several sizes and colors so my family and friends can remove their shoes. If they don’t like going barefoot, they can choose a pair of brand-new-clean flip-flops from the basket by the door. I wore some myself when I came inside from gardening one day this week. Later, when I was again outside, covered in dirt, grass clippings, and weeds, I looked down at my feet. Flip-flop fail! I still was wearing the once-new pair.

Fabulous as silk is, it does require a bit more care than my comfy carefree cotton. While hand-washing my favorite pink silk blouse last week, I was puzzled by the lack of suds. Some gentle squeezes produced not a single bubble. I then noted that Bissel carpet cleaning fluid works well to remove the aforementioned mud, but it wasn’t designed for fine fabrics. Another fail!

I flubbed big time a few months ago when I demanded the age of a young woman visiting my son. I was fearful because of a widely publicized legal case regarding an older teen and a younger teen in our area. This week, I learned that one concerned mom went a step further: She demanded the young woman visiting her son produce a driver’s license! I failed my son and flustered the young woman at our house, but it could have been worse. And I hope someday it will be funny.

Friday flowers bring light and color and a hint of fragrance from the rosemary cuttings I added to this bouquet. Here’s to another week of not knocking over the vase.

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