Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sensory Delights on New Year's Day

Treasuring the Early Moments of 2013
Delights of the Senses on New Year’s Day

Making a Conscious Choice to Pay Attention

Moments to savor the awakening of the senses on New Year’s Day 2013:
Mint flavoring the air when the weed whacker hit the edge of the herb garden after nicking the wayward mint leaves struggling to break free of the boundaries of the bed. Cilantro piquing the olfactory nerves when that same weed whacker hits the other edge where the cilantro also has stretched free of its boundaries.

Spying a ladybug busy, ever-busy as they are, feasting on aphids and others that to me might signal blight, but bring her simple delight.

Being blessed by the beauty of an eggplant blossom. Anticipating the marvelous veggie to come.
Marble-rolling and Lego house-building with a child. Oh, the joy of crafting a sofa for three Lego people!
Collard greens cooked by a real Southerner, born in Georgia, rich with ham hocks, meat grease, and generous portions of the wild hog that also accompanied the meal. Corn bread, fresh from the oven, sweet, warm, and slathered with butter.
Snuggling and reading bedtime stories at day’s end: The Napping House, No Roses for Harry, and The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Dishes.
Rich, abundant joys of a full, blessed day.

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