Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let It All Fade Away and Beauty Remains

Seeking Beauty—A Conscious Choice
Beauty Begins When the World Slips Away

Why do I want to be wowed by beauty? Can’t I focus on simple things and just increase my awareness? I don’t have to create a contest of each day’s beauty being more resplendent than the previous day's.

On Wednesday, I again wanted to be wowed by something, to have a chord struck deep within me. It didn’t happen. The most abundant beauty I found was within and without. And I didn’t even realize it until after the experience had ended.
I started working before 7 a.m. Wednesday—to meet some deadlines. At 3 p.m., I was done for the day, but unlike many days, rather than leave my desk only to take on something from the never-ending list of chores and obligations, I remained seated and wrote for three hours.
During that time, the clock slipped from my awareness. The passage of time was beyond my radar. No obsessive e-mail checking, or Internet browsing, or Facebook updates occupied me. The exterior world fell away. All I had were words. Words to the page, words to the computer, words written, expressed, and then shared.
There is beauty in becoming lost in what you love. Everything else recedes and you’re left with the purity of being. That is the type of beauty I want to experience more often: Being lost in something I love to the point that nothing else exists.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012: I am focusing on seeking beauty each day and at the day’s end, deciding what experience, thought, or view awakened beauty most in my psyche. I hope this focus on beauty will enrich me and awaken the idea of beauty in others.

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